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      Nanyang Lida Optic-electronics Co.,Ltd. is a famous optical manufacturer for Optical Components and optical parts assembly not only in domestic but also worldwide.

        Her mainly business fields are focus on the developing, manufacturing, sale and after sale service for:Optical componentOptical coating productLens assemblyLight engineoptical auxiliary materialoptical instrument.All these products are mainly used in: Digital projector, Large screen projection Digital HDTV, Digital camera, DVD etc.High precision optical system.About 70% of our products are exported to Japan, USA, Germany, South Korea, Hongkong and Taiwan.
        As our company’s core technology, our optical thin film technology has been incubated and developed for a long term. Now, has successfully formed a completely industry chain for Optical thin film. In current, our facilities and equipments is the highest level in domestic, based on this our company has rank as one of the top enterprises in domestic that owns the largest mass production capacity for coating products.
        Our company’s development target is “the optical component is base, the optical thin film is core, actively extends to the downriver of the industry chain, became the top optoelectronics enterprise in the world”.


      TEL:(0086) 377-63152375 FAX:(0086) 377-63167800
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