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      Quality assurance system-measuring instruments

      Ring testing lab
      ?High temperature and high humidity test: +80℃/80%RH,1000hrs  
      ?Low temperature test:-40℃,500hrs  
      ?Temperature cycling test:
      ?Thermal shock test: Under -20℃(45 minutes)-85℃0.5(45 minutes),27times thermal shock within 2 minutes.
      ?After sequential environment test, there is no any abnormal appearance issue (peeling、unglued, split, fogging, crack, white spot, etc) within clear aperture area, even no any abnormal issue which effect the beam-splitting characteristic.  
      ?Adhesion test: Using 18-19mm wide tape, apply it onto the coating, and rub it three times by thumb make it tightly sticks onto the coating, then rapidly pulling out the tape from the coating towards the vertical direction, no evidence of coating peeling-off appears.
      Ring curve change after the test 


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