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      Optical low pass filter used in Digital camera(OLPF)

      1、Technical Specification:
      ①beam-splitting characteristic(Also can add ITO conductive coating and hydrophobic coating, according to customer requirement);

      integrated beam-splitting characteristic:
      T=50% point, shortwave side 390(+10,-15)nm, long wave side 640(+15,-10)nm
      340nm-370nm Tabs<2% 420nm-450nm Tabs>85% 450nm-500nm Tabs>90%
      500nm-540nm Tabs>88% 540nm-560nm Tabs>87% 560nm-580nm Tabs>80%
      600nm Tabs>72%
      650nm Tabs>15% 660nm Tabs>5% 700nm-1100nm Tabs<1%
      ②Surface quality technical requirement:
      A、Foreign matter, air bubbles, scratch, and pinholes, etc through clear aperture of AR coating and inside cement layer, size should under 15μm.
      B、Foreign matter, air bubbles, scratch, and pinholes, etc through clear aperture of IR coating, size should under 20μm.
      2、Production capacity:2 million pieces /year;
      Products photos as following:

      Optical Low Pass Filter E

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