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      Optical Auxiliary MaterialsHome >> Products >> Optical Auxiliary Materials

      ?? New Material Business Division of Lida Optical and Electronic Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing and sale of sputtering target used in vacuum magnetic control sputtering coating machine, and the coating material used in vacuum coating, as well as diamond pellet and auxiliary material used in optical grinding process.
      ?? We have the ability to offer professional and best service for flat panel display industry, optical data storage industry, semiconductor industry, optical components manufacturing, etc.
      We are good at manufacturing various kinds of high purity target, as well as metallization on target surface, bonding and back plate services, upon customer requirements.
      ?? Our coating material which used in vacuum coating, and as well as diamond pellet and auxiliary material used in optical grinding process now are widely used in the manufacture of high precision optical lenses. Meanwhile we establish closely relationship with lots of famous optical enterprises in domestic and overseas.

      All Products:
      TEL:(0086) 377-63152375 FAX:(0086) 377-63167800
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